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Paul Vaughn writes a column in the San Antonio Express-News focusing on Macintosh compters, products and technology. Columns are reprinted here no sooner than 90 days after publication. Columns marked with an asterisk (*) are reprinted on (free registration required).


A stocking full of hints to help you play high-tech Santa... *

It's the time of year that we're all looking around trying to find those special gifts to light up the faces of our loved ones. The Mac Guy is here to help once again with some suggestions to add a little techno cheer to your holidays.

It's no surprise that the hottest gift again this year is Apple's iPod digital music player (, but it might be a hard choice. Apple's iPod Nano is slim, sleek and sexy. With a color screen and a modest 2GB or 4GB capacity, it's perfect for the teenager on your list. The new Video iPod lets you watch videos purchased from the iTunes Music Store right on the music player's larger screen. This iPod is more expensive, but you'll no longer have an excuse for missing "Desperate Housewives."


Dec 11, 2005 A stocking full of hints to help you play high-tech Santa... *
Dec 04, 2005 Apple offers plenty of resources for those who switch to Mac*
Nov 27, 2005 There's no shortage of animation software for artistic teenager*
Nov 20, 2005 One of these two Powerbooks can do your many tasks*
Nov 13, 2005 Macromedia's powerful upgrade a must-have for Web designers*
Nov 06, 2005
Oct 30, 2005
Oct 23, 2005
Oct 16, 2005 How to hook up satellite radio, pick best Mac, use old scanner*
Oct 09, 2005 New version of FileMaker Pro makes upgrading worthwhile*
Oct 02, 2005 iBook is fine for Microsoft Virtual PC, but do beware of viruses*
Sep 25, 2005 A complete Apple experience awaits you at new outdoor mall*
Sep 18, 2005 Sure, transition has a down side, but Macs have staying power*
Sep 11, 2005 You can get to Tiger territory without passing through Panther*
Sep 04, 2005 Add-on software can enhance Macintosh's disk-burning ability*
Aug 28, 2005 Smart to go modern before going wireless; iBook a good choice*
Aug 21, 2005 Debate over turning off computer continues with the eMac*
Aug 14, 2005 Swapping out a laptop's battery doesn't require expert help*
Aug 07, 2005 Apple lines offer a few more features — for no more money*
Jul 31, 2005 There are 3 Library folders in Mac OS X and they are necessary*
Jul 24, 2005 Images on Mac should transfer to upgraded iPhoto just fine*
Jul 17, 2005 Older Powerbook can be upgraded for more years of usefulness*
Jul 10, 2005 Apple transition to Intel software raises compatibility questions*
Jul 03, 2005 Apple plus Intel should equate to speedier Macs at lower cost *
Jun 26, 2005 This time the iPod is getting well-accessorized on the inside *
Jun 19, 2005 Graphics program for kids so easy it doesn't have a manual *
Jun 12, 2005 Adobe Creative Suite 2 brings you a complete design studio *
Jun 05, 2005 New version's enhancements keep Photoshop far ahead of 'rivals' *
May 29, 2005 Without FireWire, transferring files means trying other options *
May 22, 2005 Few problems with Tiger have made themselves known so far *
May 15, 2005 Apple unleashes a Tiger in an excellent upgrade to Mac OS X *
May 08, 2005 Apple upgrades its Power Mac G5s, which have a Tiger aboard *
May 01, 2005 Viruses target big guys; Mac users will need to be cautious *
Apr 24, 2005 Mac-formatted iPod not in tune with Windows PC *
Apr 17, 2005 Macs have been hit by only 68 viruses, but keep your guard up *
Apr 10, 2005 Talk to photo labs, clients and peers, then decide on Mac vs. PC *
Apr 03, 2005 Improved iPod Minis offer cool features, lower price on one *
Mar 27, 2005 Big download and you have dial-up? That's what friends are for *
Mar 20, 2005 Macintosh users shouldn't fret much about viruses and spyware *
Mar 13, 2005 New spyware defense does double duty as a computer cleaner *
Mar 06, 2005 Several ISPs fine on Macs, but not all their software *
Feb 27, 2005 Nifty little Shuffle brings more simplicity to iPod operations *
Feb 20, 2005 Apple goes to town with its iLife '05 digital lifestyle suite *
Feb 13, 2005 Apple's iWork '05 office suite has lots of bells and whistles *
Feb 06, 2005 Open Office may be the right move if your budget is tight *
Jan 30, 2005 New Mac Mini is a no-frills tiny computer with big potential *
Jan 23, 2005 Jobs' State of the Mac speech gives overview of latest stuff *
Jan 16, 2005 Keyspan Express Remote adds more fun to your computer *
Jan 09, 2005 Books, user groups can get you up to speed on your iMac *
Jan 02, 2005 Get Word for your eMac if original gear doesn't do the job *


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